Ariellina Acacia Wood Vessel Sink

  • $895.00

Note: Due to the nature of this piece of art the quantities are limited and production for another batch may not be until Next year.

Dimensions: 15" Diameter X 5 1/4" Deep

Drain Hole Size: Standard 1.5" 

Care and Maintenance: To protect the finish of your Wood Sink avoid using abrasive cleaners. No coarse, acidic, or alcohol-based cleaners should be used. No Steel wool, Brillo pads, or wire brushes as they can and may scratch copper surfaces. Wood is astonishing material to use for bath/bar/kitchen applications. Easy to care for (*just soap and water). Clean with soapy water and scrub with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry.


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Tags: Bathroom Sink, Stained Sink, Turned Acacia Wood Sink

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