Lifetime Limited Warranty

Congratulations on obtaining or considering our crafts. This warranty ensures that you will continue to be a satisfied patron long after your purchase. Our crafts are warranted against defect in material and craftsmanship. We Warrant for the rest of the first installation our crafts will remain functional and serve its purpose for life. If any specific item requires a special maintenance we will specify it within the care & maintenance section. Not Properly maintaining our crafts may void Warranty. Warranty does not apply to unreasonable use, misuse or negligence, normal wear and tear, including dents and scratches. The warranty does not cover acts of nature to our products, including but not limited to: natural disasters, winds, earthquakes, fire, etc. We warrant the original owner and first installation.

We reserve the right to review the item/s before replacement. If the damage falls under the warranty, we will provide an equivalent item, at no extra charge. The new item may not precisely match the previous one in size, texture, or finish due to the uniqueness of each piece. Labor for removal of defective item, installation of replacement and freight charges aren't covered by the warranty. To validate a warranty claim, Owner must have original proof of purchase. We do not warrant the finish as it will develop over time and appearance may change. Lifetime limited warranty applies for residential use only (Commercial use is restricted to a 1 year limited warranty). For any other warranty questions or concerns please contact us. Thank you for making our crafts a part of your home.