Select From a Premium Range of Classic Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Copper farmhouse sinks offered by Ariellina have a vintage feel but come with ergonomic designs and modern builds. They are available in a wide array of colors ranging from light to dark as well as finishes including smooth and hand-hammered. Here are some pointers to help you make the right choice.

Light or Dark Finish?

Depending upon its use and contact with air, copper acquires a darker hue that keeps evolving over time. Ariellina offers apron copper sinks in different color finishes ranging from the light, lustrous Brand New Penny finish to the middling hues of tan and rustic rubbed copper as well as the darker tones of vintage. The brand new penny look requires more maintenance than the others but other factors such as your personal taste and kitchen’s décor scheme should also be kept in mind.

Apron Copper Sinks

Smooth Versus Hammered

Smooth copper sinks are manufactured using machines whereas hammered copper sinks are individually made by hand using age-old hammering techniques. A smooth apron copper sinkusually has an industrial or modern style appeal whereas a hand-hammered copper sink is one-of-a-kind and a good accompaniment to rustic, traditional as well as contemporary décor. Smooth copper sinks show scratches more easily than textured, hammered ones. Again, it boils down to your personal style preference, lifestyle and kitchen décor.

Easy Online Purchasing

Ariellina makes it easy for customers to purchase copper sinks online. Each product is accompanied by detailed information such as sink dimensions, drain hole size, copper gauge, color finish and care/maintenance instructions. All copper farmhouse sinks offered by Ariellina feature fourteen gauge copper, which is the thickest for standard copper sinks. Thicker gauge copper sinks are more durable and do not make the tinny sound that thinner gauge copper sinks do when water strikes against their surface.

Copper Kitchen Sink

No matter what your final choice is – one thing is sure, your kitchen will be transformed into a remarkable space with beauty and character!

Exquisite Quality Sinks with Ariellina

Experience a way to transform your kitchen or any washing area in your home and give it an eye-catching look, with Ariellina sinks.

Why Consider Our Sinks?

Sinks are usually undermined as an object of attraction to your home. Having a modern home with a normal sink is typical but when you change that, it can transform your home completely. Sinks come in all sorts of shapes and forms nowadays, from handmade copper sinks to wooden ones. Finding the right one for the look of your kitchen will make a world of difference.

What Ariellina Provides?

They provide fashionable, high quality and up-to-date, that lasts long sinks such as copper and handmade sinks. These sinks come in a variety of sizes and shades. All their sinks such as copper farmhouse sinks, copper kitchen sinks, hammered copper sinks and so on are durable and have life time warranty. They also cater for other areas of your home besides the kitchen, with their collection of bar sinks, lavatory sinks, copper bath tubs, drains, copper table tops and so on. They also have a selection of wood based sinks such as their lavatory acacia wood sinks and copper light fixtures. Their most trendy sinks are their handmade copper sinks. These sinks along with every other handmade sinks they have are exquisite, as Ariellina has a team of artisans from all around who are talented with what they do and do not take money over quality. Their collection of copper farmhouse sinks along with hammered copper sinks is also admirable ensuring that you home will have a unique look.

Freestanding Copper Bathtub

They ensure that their products are delivered on time and have an excellent refund policy thus ensuring their authenticity. So if you’re looking for a high quality sink like no other which would make your home look elegant and modern then have a look at what Ariellina has to offer.

Add Distinctive Charm to Your Kitchen with a Beautiful Copper Sink from Ariellina

Acknowledging the popularity of copper kitchen sinks in general and farmhouse copper sinks in particular, Ariellina offers a broad range of choices to suit different tastes and preferences.

Practical and Pretty As a Picture

Dating back to the late 19th and early 20th century, farmhouse kitchen sinks were designed to be deep enough and large enough to soak and wash large pots and pans. They feature a finished front that protrudes from the cabinetry wherein it is installed. Copper farmhouse kitchen sinks are a perfect addition to kitchens with traditional décor and easily become a distinctive, eye-catching decor element after installation.

Myriad Style Options

Farmhouse copper sinks, also called apron copper sinks, are available in a wide variety of style options. Customers can choose from smooth, hammered or chiseled apron kitchen copper sinks. Smooth ones that come with a sleek finish are a good choice for modern décor whereas hammered ones have a rustic look which makes them perfect for more traditional kitchens. Chiseled farmhouse copper sinks feature different types of alluring designs such as 3D trim, flower vine, grape vine, horses, rivet, brick and Texas seal among others. Also on offer are nickel back front designs and curved front designs that have been well-received by customers.

No Compromise in Quality

Ariellina strives to provide high quality apron copper sinks. The entire range features gauge 14 copper which experts agree is appropriate thickness for rough handling. The sinks are sloped to allow for proper drainage and a standard size drain hole is provided. Customers can select from single, double and triple compartment farmhouse copper kitchen sinks depending on the purpose they have in mind. These gorgeous kitchen sinks are available in different luscious finishes that only become more attractive as the sinks age.

Whether you’re planning a brand new kitchen or a kitchen remodel, select an Ariellina copper kitchen sink and add distinctive character to your kitchen!

Triple Copper Kitchen Sink

Ariellina Offers a Breathtaking Selection of Hand-Hammered Bathroom Copper Sinks

Do you want to transform your bathroom into a beautiful, spa like retreat? Then you need to take a look at hand – hammered copper sinks that are renowned for their ability to enhance elegance and character wherever they are installed.

Distinctive and Durable

In the USA, big, smooth copper sinks are quite popular and can be purchased online. However, only a few reputed suppliers such as Ariellina offer hand-hammered and hand-finished copper sinks online. Ariellina’s high quality hammered copper sinks come in eclectic styles and designs for bathrooms, kitchens and bar/prep areas. Hand-hammered copper sinks have a textured surface that makes them one-of-a-kind. Hammering by hand also strengthens the surface which makes these products more durable and highly suitable for busy households.

Wide Range of Choices

When it comes to bathroom copper sinks, Ariellina has a wide variety of sinks including round sinks,  round vessel sinks, bucket vessel sinks, double wall vessel sinks, oval sinks and deep bowl sinks to name a few. Many of them feature under mount/drop-in installation and customers can review important product information such as dimensions, gauge and drain hole size to arrive at the right choice. Of course, vessel style bathroom copper sinks can easily sit on countertops and do not need any cutouts except for the water drain hole.

High Quality Standards

Whether you want the old world charm of a simple copper sink or the blend of modernity and traditionalism found in a vessel sink, Ariellina has plenty of choices for copper sinks online. You can effortlessly create a rustic style décor or contemporary décor according to your lifestyle and preferences. You don’t have to worry about quality because Ariellina is one supplier that maintains high quality standards and works with talented craftsmen from around the world to bring top quality copper products.

Ariellina offers free shipping for customers in the USA – order your favorite bathroom copper sink and get ready to enjoy your own personal sanctuary!

Improve Your Interiors With Traditional Copper Sinks

Are you planning on redoing the interiors of your home? Or are you looking for a few new products that can spruce up the interiors of your home and give a more sophisticated and classy look? If so, it is time to do away with the traditional products such as washbasins and the like that are mass produced all over the world, and move on to newer, more attractive designs that are made by artisans who take special pride in the products they manufacture. You will get more value for your money by buying from them and your home will also look a whole lot better.

Unique Designs and Styles

If you want your home to look different from the rest of the ones on your block, then you have got to do a few things differently. For example, a few simple products such as copper farmhouse sinks can make a whole lot of difference to the interiors. These products are very unique in their style and design since they are made by master craftsmen who are dedicated to their trade. They take special care to make sure that they offer unique styles that are not replicated or mass produced by the thousands.

Global Influences

Usually companies which mass produce home products such as copper kitchen sinks charge a lot of money for pieces that are sourced from other parts of the world.  If you feel that these are out of your budget, you can check out some of the latest products that are sourced from artisans and local craftsmen from other countries. There are companies that collaborate with such traditional master craftsmen to bring you amazing products such as Apron copper sinks. These are not only beautifully made, but are also very reasonably priced, benefiting both the maker and the buyer.

Ariellina – Making a Difference in the Way Interiors Are Done

Furnishing the interiors of your home or even a commercial space can be a daunting task if you are eager to give it a special look that is different from others. If you want to make a difference, then you have to do something unique. The interiors of a home speak volumes about the occupants of the house. They are a reflection of your character, your likes and dislikes, and determine the elegance and appeal of the home. If you want to have a place that looks welcoming and soothing to guests who visit you, then there are some special products available in the market.

Made with Care

When it comes to quality and perfection, not many companies match with Ariellina. This brand has been making product after product with the highest care and passion. If you are looking for copper sinks online, this is the best place to buy from. You can take a look at all the various items listed on their website and place your order in a matter of minutes. Every item is crafted with great care and you can be sure that you are purchasing a product of excellent quality.

No Compromises in Quality

Ariellina stands for quality and passion. The company was founded with the help of artisans who are passionate about their craft, and this is seen in the finished farmhouse copper undermount sinks that are made by them. The company’s mission is to connect talented and passionate artisans from remote locations with the rest of the world so that it becomes mutually beneficial to everyone. The hammered copper range hoods made by them come at very reasonable prices while maintaining the highest level of quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Copper Range Hoods

Why Select Copper Items for Your Kitchen

Copper is synonymous with opulence and elegance. Since ages, copper utensils and copper-based products and artifacts have been widely admired by everyone. Whether we talk about artworks, accessories, or fittings, such as bathroom faucets and kitchen sinks, the metal is widely used in the manufacturing of these items.

What make copper products stand out from others are their physical, chemical and aesthetic properties. Copper is known for its excellent conductance of heat and electricity, resistance to corrosion and ductility and is a natural anti-bacterial that make it one of the most preferred materials for domestic, industrial and specialized applications.

More and more people are choosing copper-based products for their homes, especially for kitchens, such as copper farmhouse sinks, copper lighting fixtures, copper wiring, copper tabletops and hammered copper range hoods.

Copper Range Hoods

Features of copper-made kitchen items

Installing copper sinks and hammered copper range hoods would enhance the appeal of your kitchen. They would suit any kitchen décor and give it a sophisticated look unmatched by sinks and range hoods made of other materials.

Likewise, selecting and installing copper sinks in your kitchen can be the best decision due to the following reasons:-

  • Copper sinks being resistant to rust and microbes are safe and suitable for busy kitchen rigors.
  • Hand-made copper sinks have a unique texture and character that make them highly appealing.
  • Copper sinks can suit any style or décor of the kitchen- be it the traditional or contemporary one.
  • The best quality copper sink has 99 percent copper and is more durable than the alloyed product.
  • The best part is that copper develops a patina —a thin blue-green layer caused due to exposure to corrosive materials and aging. The change in copper color from golden red to deep brown over time makes it more attractive or appealing.
  • As a material, copper is easier to shape, design, and install, because it is more flexible and stronger than steel.

These features make copper-made kitchen items stand out from the rest and appeal people to consider installing them in their homes.  Whether you choose farmhouse copper undermount sinks, copper tabletops, copper farmhouse sinks, copper lighting fixtures, or the hammered copper range hoods for your kitchen, you will have a timeless feel and a sense of satisfaction.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Copper Sinks for Bathroom

Copper sinks are famous for their rustic design and beauty, exhibiting an exquisite style to give an elegant touch to your bathroom. Mostly, people choose Bathroom Copper Sinks due to their beauty and strength. Copper sinks are made from a single sheet that is flattened and exposed to water and air to form a patina. Sinks like bar copper sinks, lavatory copper sinks, or Wood Bathroom Sinks are considered as the first-rate choice for any bathroom. Since copper sinks come with anti-rusting and anti-bacterial property they are best-suited for the domestic environment. However, if you are planning to buy copper sinks for bathroom then consider below-mentioned points before purchasing these sinks.

How to Purchase Copper Sinks For Bathrooms?

  1. Check for Patinas

Bathroom Copper Sinks are available in countless finishes such as light colored to dark chocolate copper patina. You can select the patina in accordance with your bathroom wall color and penchants. Also, you can reduce the polish of the sink as per the need.

  1. Consider Copper Gauge

It becomes imperative to pay attention to the thickness of copper while buying the bar copper sinks, or lavatory copper sinks. Copper gauge is mostly evaluated by the thickness of copper. Usually, copper sinks used in bathrooms have around 20 to 16 gauges.

  1. Quality and Purity

When buying copper bathroom sinks, you must ensure the purity of copper. Copper sinks are made up of 99 percent copper and 1 percent zinc in order to uphold the durability and strength of the sinks. Even for Wood Bathroom Sinks, it is advisable to check for the quality, design, and features.

  1. Select from Different Surfaces 

Copper sinks are available in various types of surfaces from smooth to hammered you can choose any type of finish as per your demands. Smooth surfaced copper sinks give a modern look to your bathroom while hammered surfaced sinks add a rustic streak.

Bathroom Copper Sinks: Mount Styles You Need to Know About

Copper continues to be synonymous with elegance and grandeur; its fascination among the artists and people of taste has swelled. The best quality home artifacts, accessories and fittings, including bathroom copper sinks and faucets, therefore, are still forged in copper like the century before. The metal has stood the test of time as it embodies what the modern material fails to offer: class, durability, and aesthetics. As more people are learning to appreciate copper wares and fittings, we are seeing a surge of demand of home fittings; one of most sought after item is bathroom fitting. And if you are one of them, you are at the right place, as here we are discussing different types of copper sinks that you need to know about. Broadly, bathroom copper sinks are categorized based on its installation or how they are mounted.

bathroom copper sinks

Drop-In Sink

Also known as self-rimmed or over-mount, drop-in sinks are the most common type designs, where entire body of the sink fits in a pre-cut hole in the counter and rim remains on the level of the counter. In essence, they are like contemporary steel sinks; however, they are crafted with distinctive hammered texture— a USP of copper fittings.

Apron Copper Sinks

The design helps to accentuate bathroom, as the front of the sink, known as apron, protrudes out from the counter and exhibits its magnificent platina. It is considered an ergonomic design, which eliminates the need of lean forward to reach the sink. The apron copper sinks come with polished finish and hammered finish.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sings parts away from the traditional designs comprehensively. The contemporary design sits over the top like an independent vessel; however, the distinct design helps to highlight what copper fittings can do to ambience.

These three designs are the most commonly sought; however, there are a number of styles are available with minor changes.

5 Features That Will Compel You to Pick Copper Kitchen Sink

Copper sinks are crafted by talented artisans with their exquisite artistry. Most people prefer Kitchen Copper Sinks over the other type of sinks for their amazing beauty and durability. Sinks like Apron Copper Sinks, farmhouse copper sinks or Hammered Copper Sinks are regarded as the best choice for your kitchen. They come with hard-wearing features which make them optimum for a longer run. Here are 5 astounding features that will compel you to install copper sink in your kitchen-

  • Elegant yet Unique

Copper sinks add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with their rustic look and finish. When you install Copper Kitchen Sinks, they have a polished surface that adds to the overall ambiance of your kitchen.  However, the polish finish fades away after a while but copper develops its own dark brown coating which helps in maintaining it for long.

Triple Copper Kitchen Sink

  • Flexible than Steel

Copper as a material is much stronger and flexible than steel and that makes it a perfect choice for kitchen fittings. Copper sinks or Apron Copper Sinks are easy to design, shape and install. These sinks can be customized in accordance to your preference and space in the kitchen.

  • Antibacterial Agent

Copper comes with an antibacterial characteristic, where it kills bacteria that come into the contact of its surface. However, this property works only for the unpolished or unfinished Kitchen Copper Sinks. On the other hand, sinks made of steel do not have this property.

  • Handmade Craftsmanship

Most of the Copper Kitchen Sinks are handmade with utmost perfection that you would not find any issue with the design or the finish. These sinks are designed by keeping all the important factors such as size, width and thickness in mind.

  • Durability and Strength

Apart from being visually appealing, antibacterial, sinks like Hammered Copper Sinks are durable and long lasting. With highly robust features and durability, they hold up better than the sinks made with porcelain, steel and other materials. In addition, maintenance of copper sink is not that troublesome task.

SUMMARY- Do you get inspired with handmade craftsmanship? If yes, then you must install Copper Kitchen Sinks and give your kitchen an elegant touch.