How to Save Space in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Making the most of the available space is the biggest challenge for homeowners. The space utilization and management is directly proportional to your and other family members’ happiness level.

That’s why, it is important for you to work on your indoor areas with help of a specialist interior designer. You will need to choose each element – including fixtures, appliances, and utilities – considering the available size. For example, if space is short, then there is no point getting an extra-size refrigerator, dining table, and fixtures. In fact, it will be a great idea to customize fixtures and to choose the right-size appliances.

Kitchen and Bathroom

In modern homes, kitchen is not just a room where you cook food and bathroom is definitely not an area where you wash yourself off. Apparently, kitchens and bathrooms have taken a modular turn. Most homeowners prefer installing modular setup for their cooking and bathing areas. And, there is no denying that modular setups are expensive and significant, and they support excellent space management and space utilization.

If you want more space, you can consider going with below mentioned tips. We are sure that these tips will help in easy space management in your kitchen and bathroom –

Customization: Personalizing is the best option when you are short on space. Customization allows you to get the right-size fixtures and appliances for your kitchen and bathroom. In addition to size, you can get these utilities in your desired shape, color and material if you are choosing the customization option.

Material Selection: Material plays a vital role in the design and durability of your setup. For example, if you are choosing copper kitchen sink or bathroom copper sink, you get the added advantage of copper’s durability and strength, along with physical characteristics, such as alluring shine and texture.

Many of our customers have sent us before and after photographs of their home. They have unanimously agreed that customizing copper kitchen and bathroom sink brought this draw in their indoor areas. At, you can buy sink in various other material options including, wood, bamboo, stone, etc. We also have design options to offer – starting from vintage to contemporary range.

While buying sink, the exact size and measurement of your room should be in your mind. You should discuss your requirements with your interior designer, so that the right size and shape can be determined. Each piece of accessory and fixture should look well appointed. Nothing should have installed in a way that it looks out of space.

Hope the ideas suggested in this blog post help you save time and add that perfect appeal in your kitchen and bathroom that you have always longed for.

Six Reasons Why Freestanding Copper Bathtubs Are Popular

In recent decades, bathrooms have transformed into something no less than a room full of artworks. All thanks to designer bathroom fixtures and accessories widely available on the market!

From wall tiles to floor tiles and sanitary to bath – everything that we use in bathroom has now taken a designer and artistic turn.

Ariellina offers a broad range of bathroom accessories, including copper kitchen sinks and tubs, freestanding copper bathtubs, bathroom bamboo, wood and copper sinks, and so on – all with an excellent, never-seen-before designer touch.

Freestanding Copper Bathtub

There is no denying that tubs have become the main attraction in the modern bathroom. The major eye-catching piece in a home’s bathroom is  a beautiful unique bathtub. A perfect excuse to post and share selfies of yourself in the spa ambient it creates. Under bubbles of course. A must talk about amongst your friends and family.

So, when talking about freestanding copper bathtubs, we ought to include the benefits of both the material and style.

This blog mentions 3 benefits of bathing in copper and 3 reasons why to choose a freestanding bathtub –


#1. Skincare: Bathing every day in a copper tub can improve skin moisturizing. Additionally, according to many popular website, copper bath helps in sink regeneration, healing wounds, and skin irritation. Now, you know why most skincare products have copper as ingredient.

#2. Wrinkle Treatment: Aging is something that scientist have yet to halt. However there are a lot of products out there that rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effects of father time. Copper helps in development of new collagen production, which helps fill the fine lines and tightens the skin fold. Submerging yourself frequently in a copper tub will expose you to these benefits .

#3. Hair Care: Copper bath is a natural solution for an array of problems related to hair. In addition to that, it also gives a nourishing treatment to scalp and hair follicles.

Why Freestanding Tub

#1. Space Management: You can install it anywhere you have extra space. Perhaps in your room or bath if you decide to be traditional about it. Using a freestanding bathtub could be a solution to limited bathroom space. Freestanding tubs offer a great space management convenience; they do not demand a large space and can be placed around anywhere easily.

#2. Designer: An article on labels modern bathtubs as an artistic sculpture. There are plenty of design options to choose from. Even, you can ask us to customize your freestanding copper bathtub for the area available in your home.

#3. Durability: Here, we would combine the benefits of freestanding tub with the material. Copper is a metal – that means, the tub comes with the dual advantages – robustness and style. Make sure you include it in your estate planning as it will out last generations to come.

Freestanding Copper Bathtub

Unique, Elegant, Stylish, along with medicinal and aesthetic benefits like no other material can offer.

Now, that you know the advantages of copper freestanding bathtub, check out entire range of copper bathtubs at

Tips on Easy Maintenance of a Copper Kitchen Sink

Copper sinks add a special unique character to your kitchen & bath. We offer a large array of color options that will match perfectly with any decoration style you choose. Selection, includes Smooth Copper Sinks or hand hammered texture. Whether you choose smooth, hammered or any of our finishes you will be getting a one of a kind piece of functional art.

Copper, as we all know, is a soft and elegant metal that can be shaped into anything given the proper craftsmanship. You may not realize it but copper is everywhere, from cars, to computers, cell phones, even one of the most iconic sites The Statue of Liberty in New York is made from this precious metal that makes our life more comfortable yet mostly underrated.

This blog is divided in two parts; the first mentions some of the biggest benefits of using copper sinks and the later section offers a few tips on its easy maintenance –

Benefits of Copper Sinks –

Who wants a healthier household? Copper sinks offer antibacterial properties unlike any other material. Germs and Bacteria will die within a couple of hours verses days on traditional stainless sinks. Copper Sinks are not just eye catching beautiful to you and your guests, they also have benefits that are greater than just appearance.

  • Aesthetic Appeal – The texture and glow of a copper sink has a value of its own. The way it grabs the attention of guest and family members, unlike any other metal or designer sink does. They effortlessly offer a distinctive styling in your kitchen and bath. No matter how long they have been installed, they will always look fresh and beautiful.
  • Antimicrobial – Copper does not support the presence of bacteria and germs. The corners and center of a sink are an earthly home for such organisms. If you have a copper sink installed in your kitchen or bath, you can rest assure you are staying away from germs, bacteria, and a large number of possible allergens.
  • Variety – You can find copper sinks in a variety of style and size options. In addition to that, there are many shades of copper. We can Accommodate Special Request from Customized Design to Colors.

Copper Kitchen Sink Maintenance –

  • Clean your kitchen copper sink with mild soap water and a soft cloth only. Do not use just any cleaning solution. Remember copper is a highly reactive metal and anything that is not recommended can degrade its appearance.
  • Make use of a soft sponge to rub dirty areas. Cleaning should be done on a daily basis. Once cleaning is complete, we recommend to wipe the sink with a clean and dry line-free cloth.
  • Do not use harsh, abrasive cleaning solution and wired scrubber.Copper sinks are a delicate material, however, they are not at all difficult to use. You can use them just the way you use sink of any other metal or material. However, you will need to ensure regular and proper cleaning in order to maintain their glow and charm for a prolonged period.