Testimonial 1:

We have a Hammered Copper Sink in our kitchen, and we love it. We have the product AC7404. Though we use it so very frequently, it is still there without even fading it color. It’s been more than 2 years now.

Testimonial 2:

My kitchen’s waste disposal drain was leaking. So, I replaced it with your product. As it was promised, you sent a high-quality product. Thanks

Testimonial 3:

I read your blog, then I decided that I should be installing a copper kitchen sink. Although I had seen a number of porcelain and other options, your copper sink grabbed my attention.

Testimonial 4:

Your copper range hood (product id AC8003) is a royal one. How beautifully it has increased the appeal of my kitchen. I would certainly recommend my friends.

Testimonial 5:

At first, I was planning to have porcelain bathroom sink. But,then, I decided to get a bamboo bathroom sink from you. It truly brought up the appeal of my bathroom. Love you guys!