Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Copper Sinks?

Copper can give your kitchen a rustic touch along with its antimicrobial andeasy-to-maintain quality features. Copper turns out to be a good investment due to its durability and strength. Also, they areavailable in a wide variety of styles and designs.

What Materials Are Used?

Our copper products are crafted using the optimum quality 14 to 18 gauge pure copper. We offer sinks handmade by skilled artisans which form a highly durable finish that withstands heat, stains, and chipping. Our copper sinks covered with a lifetime warranty.

What Is Patina? Do Your Copper Products Form Patina?

The patina is a coating of oxide that occurs naturally on the surface of a coppersink. It builds over time with dark muddy tones that work as a protectivecoating. Our products are well-equipped to stop further patina. For betterunderstanding, go through the particular product page before purchase.

What Is the Delivery Timeline?

Weship our items within 10 business daysand deliver shortly after that. We willprovide you with a tracking number to monitor the product status online. Forfurther assistance, refer to the product page and get the complete insight ondelivery timelines.

How Do I Take Care of and Maintain These Copper Products?

Ourproducts are easy-to-clean and maintain. Clean them with soapy water and use a softcloth for scrubbing. Avoid using acidic or alcohol-based cleaners and steelwool or wire brushes as they can damage the surface.

Do You Offer Customized Products?

Weoffer customized designs in accordance with various demands and needs. Shareyour concept drawing with us, and we will make your sink or any other productsto any size according to your specifications.

Will My Sink Change Color Over Time?

Generally,no, however the basin of a kitchen sinks only maybe affected by acidic products like lemon juice or vinegar. You may notice spots if these types of products come into contact with the sink. The bottom of the sink where the dishes rest is the only area if ever affected and only kitchen sinks as it's the only one of our products that will ever come in contact with food residues. You may be careful to pour acidic products straight into the drain to avoid discoloration.However, if ever you get a spot it will darken back up and even out with the rest of the sink within a couple of weeks. The possible color changes to the bottom of kitchen sinks only are not looked up as a defect rather a charm of a possible living finish in case you get ketchup for instance drip on the sink from a dish. If this was the case it will darken back to normal within 2 weeks or so.

How Strong Are Your Copper Products?

Copperis generally a soft metal however we design our products with this in mind andcompensate by using a thicker gauge depending on the products use. For Example,tubs and kitchen sinks are 14 gauge while most bathroom sinks are 16 gauge.


What Is the Ideal Width of a Range Hood?

Theideal width of your range hood should be six inches wider than your cooking area.The range hood wider than the cooking surface allows for efficient ventilation.

How Can I get Faster Customer Service?

Email works best ( or use our facebook messenger link on our website. . If you prefer to call us please do so, if we do not answer that means we are busy assisting others. Leave us a voicemail and we will get back to you within 24 hours.