Ariellina Copper Sink Grid For 33" Undivided Sinks

  • $195.00

  • Product Code: AC137

Grids are made in batches of 100 and are not always available. 

The benefits are to avoid unlikely scratches but possible to the bottom of the sink. This allows you to rest your dishes on the grid and not the actual sink. The second and most important is it makes the bottom of the sink level. This is important if you are placing pots with food or soup in your sink. Our Factory prides itself on using only hand tools for the making of our copper crafts. We currently do not have a way to make rubber legs. The grid has copper legs that will require rubber to completely serve its purpose. Please consider the up sell we provide for our artisans and don't let this stop the support. A local craft store will have rubber leg covers. 

Tags: Ariellina Copper Sink Grid For 33" Curva Undivided Sinks

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